Mike has been servicing our trucks/cars for more than six years. Over that time, we have harassed and teased him to no end, while carrying on a fun-filled bantering relationship. But, in all seriousness, his service to our vehicles has been exemplary.  We highly recommend Prestige Custom Detail for your personal and professional vehicles.

Tom & Randy McCloud

United Concrete, Riverside, CA


Prestige Custom Detail has been taking care of our vehicles for over three years. In the three years they have been great. Mike Palmer presents himself with professionalism. He is very conscientious, respectful and friendly. He is always on time and always goes out of his way to meet our needs. Even as far as going to Lake Havasu City, AZ to detail our boat. His work is very thorough with no complaints. He does not try to oversell his services but recommends the service that is best for the care of the vehicle. It has been a pleasure to have Prestige Custom Detail take care of all our vehicles and we would recommend them and refer them to anyone that truly cares about their vehicles and we look forward to many more years of service with Prestige Custom Detail.

Rick and Donna Polmounter

Riverside, CA


I have had Mike service my vehicles for more than six years. As an owner of a black SUV, I have been pleasantly surprised by the superior manner in which Mike is able to keep my vehicle looking like new. I have and will continue to recommend Prestige Custom Detail to anyone who takes pride in their automobiles and values quality workmanship.

Bama, 76 Expresslube, Riverside, CA



I love cars. I hate car washes. I really like my car but there is one thing I hate about it. It is dark blue and gets really dirty really fast! My car had severe water spots on the left hand side that made it so ugly and not even worth washing. I hated going to the car wash because it always meant waiting an hour and the spots were still there.


Mike from PRESTIGE CUSTOM DETAIL came to my business and rescued me!! He took my car away for the day and brought it back spotless!! For the past year he comes to my office once a week and cleans my car and waxes it when needed. I donít have to even think about itÖI just walk out my door and presto!! I have a clean car!!! And itís not just clean, it is SPOTLESS!!! I love PRESTIGE CUSTOM DETAIL!!

Cathy Schwartz, Attorney at law

Blumenthal Law Offices, Riverside, CA


Prestige Custom Detail provides quality and flexible service in the maintenance of our vehicles. Michael is conscientious and reliable and his work is thorough and complete. He comes to our office and works around our schedule. I enjoy having Prestige Custom Detail care for our vehicles and I am happy to recommend his services.

Virginia M. Blumenthal, Attorney at law

Riverside, CA


Prestige Custom Detail has been handling all of our business and personal automobiles for over six years. Mike and his team are very professional and always do an excellent job. I love that they are flexible and will either come to our house or to our work, they will come early or late, whatever we need!  No task seems to be too big or too small!

Thanks for everything!

Angie & Mic McGrath

CIOS, Inc., Riverside, CA




Mike, is the first positive experience I have had in a long time. Over the past year Prestige Custom Detail has provided me with excellent, reliable service. I am always pleased with the level of care and attention my vehicles receive. I can always count on my cars looking as good as new when Prestige Custom Detail is here. I would, without a doubt, refer all my friends.

Josh Rosen, Riverside, CA



To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing this letter on behalf of Prestige Custom Detail, I want to start by saying that the name of the business says it all. Mike Palmer is an excellent business man and takes extreme pride in his work. My husband and I have been using Mike since we moved to Riverside, and are extremely pleased with the quality of work done on our possessions. Mike has washed our cars weekly and spent the time on each one so that they always look their best; Mike and his staff have also washed and detailed our boat and motor home. I am pleased to be writing this letter for Prestige Custom Detail and Mike Palmer.


Steven & Nicole Satcher



This letter is in reference to Prestige Custom Detail whom we have used for a little over a year for our auto detailing needs. We are extremely pleased with the reliability, customer service and overall performance provided by the company and would highly recommend their services.

Thank you.

Cindy Lonsdale, Riverside, CA


I look for perfection. Mike can do that in his work. I was impressed with a couple of cars he had detailed. I try to do my own work, but I needed something extra special for my '68 Chevy pick-up. The Show & Go Car Show held in Riverside, in May was coming up. My truck needed to be extra sharp for the show. Well, it turned out better than I thought. My truck was one of the Top 30 Trophy winners out of 1,000 vehicles. It was an honor to be chosen for a trophy. I think Mike's perfection showed thru.
Thanks Mike.
Dave Kuma
Kuma Tire



We have had Mike taking care of our vehicles and fifth wheel for four/five months now. To date there has not been one complaint. He takes his time and the pride in his work to make sure the job is done right the first time. We do recommend him to all that ask and will continue to do so.

Thank you,

Jason & LeNette Dahl

Nutrishop of Riverside



To Whom It May Concern;


Mike Palmer of Prestige Custom Detail visits my office in downtown Riverside every week and cleans my car. He is always there when he says he is going to be and provides excellent service. Mike is a very personable guy and really takes pride in his work. My car is over a year old, but thanks to Mike, it looks brand new!


I don't have to take my car to a car wash anymore, which wastes at lest an hour of time and causes me to worry about the possibility of scratches. Prestige Custom Detail comes directly to my office so that I may continue working. There is no worry because they hand clean the car with care, like it's their own.


Not only does Prestige just wash my car, but they wax it every three months and condition my leather every other month. I am very happy with Mike and Prestige Custom Detail.




Dawn Kirk, Esq.



Mike at Prestige Custom Detail recently came out and washed and waxed our truck and 5th wheel toyhauler.  To say that I was impressed with his work would be an understatement.  Our truck and trailer haven't looked that good since the day we purchased them.  Awesome work Mike.  I am a very tough consumer and I am typically less than satisified unless I do the work myself.  Not so in this case, Mike did a much better job than I could do.  I even received a follow up phone call the following day to ensure I was satisfied with the work provided... Satisfied, I was downright impressed!  I have already talked to Mike about washing and waxing my other vehicles and I would definitely recommend his services.  Thanks again for the great work! 


Tim and Beth Elwell

Menifee, Ca 

We have used other detailers in the past that had done a decent job, but they didn't always show up as scheduled. When we began using Prestige Custom Detail we were so happy to find that they were always reliable. Mike always shows up, or informs in advance if he won't be able make the appointment. We have been happy with both the quality of work and the reliability for over three years. We highly recommend his services to all of our friends and clients.
Cheryl Joseph
Joseph's Insurance


Mike has been taking care of my vehicles for more than (7) seven years and the name of the business 'Prestige Custom Detail' fits perfectly. Mike has taken great pride in making sure that I am satisfied with the work he has does on the different vehicles I have owned over the years.
He has always been very accommodating with his time to get my vehicle taken care of, but most of all, he is knows how picky I am about spots in the interior of my vehicle and he does an extremely excellent job of keeping the inside of my vehicle spotless, as well as the outside of course.
Mike washes my car once a week and waxes it every three months and he takes care my car during my business hours, which means that is one less thing I have to do during my time on the weekend. There are also several other co-workers that also have their vehicle washed and waxed by Mike. We have always been very satisfield with the care and time he puts into taking care of our vehicles.
He has always been very professional and is a very easy going individual with a good sense of humor, which is not an easy thing to pull off as a businessman.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who would like to have their vehicle look at great as mine does. I have been asked many times how I am able to keep my car looking the way it does week after week as I drive approximately 160 miles a day to and from work  and I am more than happy to recommend Mike and Prestige Custom Detail, I wouldn't trust anyone else to take care of my car the way Mike/Prestige Custom Detail.
For that I thank you very much. I say how much I appreciate what you do for me taking care of my car so that I don't have to. Thanks again.
Alicia G Smith
Riverside, California


Mike at prestige has been doing my cars for over 4 years. He is the only one I trust to detail my cars. So when I bought my new black 2010 Camaro, the only one I thought about to get it looking its best is Mike. He isnít all about pumping out car washes and making money he also takes the time to teach those wanting to learn and eventually detail their own cars. He has gone with me to detail clinics and helped me understand how to detail my cars. When I bought my Camaro it was full of swirls and scratches from the dealer washing it incorrectly, but Mike took the time to come over and help me get them out using his three step polishing, all the while teaching me so that next time I can do it myself. I know that if I ever make a mistake or donít have the time to detail my own cars Mike is always willing to come over and detail them leaving them looking their best!
  Michael Baird





I am happy to recommend Mike and his company, Prestige Custom Detail, to anyone who appreciates a conscientious, meticulous individual who takes pride in his work and always has a ďcan doĒ and ďwe aim to pleaseĒ attitude!  Mike has had my vehicle on a washing and waxing schedule for about a year now.  As a busy Realtor, itís hard to find time to sit idle while my car is going through the car wash.  Not being a salaried employee means that every minute I am not in front of clients or working, I am losing money.  Having Mike come to my office to detail my vehicle allows me the flexibility to maximize my time on duties that contribute to my pocketbook.  Because my car also serves as my office, it must be clean and presentable at all times.  Mike has kept it looking spotless and new, and people repeatedly comment on how good it looks both inside and out.  Keep up the GREAT work Mike!


Natalie Johnson

Dick Johnson Group

Keller Williams Realty - Riverside


May 2010   


I'm happy to say I took the ultimate Leap of Faith when I decided to contact Prestige Custom Detail! I live in Orange County and I needed a really nice gift for one of the physicians I work with in Riverside. So I decided to have his car customized. Mike Palmer has an extremely professional business and he put my mind at ease after viewing his website and answering questions over the phone about his custom detail company. My physician loved the care to his car and has requested Mike on several occasions. A big thank you to Mike for taking care of my important client and I appreciate the follow-up calls to make sure he is always 100% satisfied! I would recommend Prestige Custom Detail to anyone looking for a special gift.

~Joy DioQuino-Smith~

November 5, 2008

Prestige Custom Detail

Attn: Mike Palmer



            I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job. You are the first detail company to provide the services and scheduling that the President of our company was looking for. We have gone through a few different detailers, but you were the first one that worked for us and our needs. You called to remind us of our planned service schedule. When you came to us, you provided an excellent detail job in an extremely timely manner, not to mention that your prices were fair, if not a bit cheaper than the other companies. Thanks again for doing such a great job.


Best regards,

Amber Langston


Plumbing Specialists, Inc., 3434 Niki Way, Riverside, CA 92507  800-680-3240

August 07, 2008


"I had some contamination on the finish of my new 2008 VW GTI.  After trying different products on my own and not being able to get it out, I called Mike at Prestige Custom Detail. He did an amazing job!  The contaminants including tree sap and bird soilage was removed without leaving any traces.  I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend this service to anyone who really cares about cars."


A.J. Tamez, M.D. of Redlands, CA on August 07, 2008

I've been having Prestige Custom Detail take care of my trailer for over a year and a half. When I got my new motorhome I had Mike come out to give my new RV itís first wax and he discovered that the dealer had not completed the preparation.   He treated my little motorhome with the same hard work he would have given a motorhome twice her size and 100 times more expensive.  When he was done she was gleaming and well protected.  I drive her with pride.

I just love the professional attitude Mike has towards his profession.

Mike is the best!  He loves to keep my RV as clean and well protected as I do.  His commitment to making my RV the best looking vehicle on the road is what keeps me coming back to him.

His attention to the small details is why I chose Prestige Custom Detail to take care of my cars and RV.  

Cathlene Fishman,  Moreno Valley , Ca


Mike did a fabulous job cleaning the interior of our car. He worked for hours to get it done right. With two small boys, itís hard to keep up, but Mike was able to clean the mats so they were almost new again. No one believes our car is five years old!


Christal Pennington

Riverside , CA



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